Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

After reopening, Apple is shutting stores in 4 states as COVID-19 numbers climb

Apple currently reliable progressing rumors that it skeleton to close down re-opened stores in 4 states.  Impacted locations embody 6 stores in Arizona, dual in Florida, another dual in North Carolina and one in South Carolina.

“Due to stream COVID-19 conditions in some of a communities we serve, we are temporarily shutting stores in these areas. We take this step with an contentment of counsel as we closely guard a conditions and we demeanour brazen to carrying a teams and business behind as shortly as possible,” a association pronounced in a matter to TechCrunch.

It’s been only over a month given a association began to free a handful of locations, as states began wider reopening efforts. The association implemented several safeguards, including facade requirements, heat checks and enforced amicable distancing, as good as extended cleaning efforts.

Apple starts reopening some stores with heat checks and other safeguards in place

“These are not decisions we rush into,” Retail SVP Deirdre O’Brien wrote during a time, “and a store opening in no proceed means that we won’t take a medicine step of shutting it again should internal conditions warrant.”

One imagines a association will proceed re-re-opening a same way. However, several states have posted increases in COVID-19 cases given supervision began a routine of reopening. Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Nevada, Oregon and Texas have all posted record high infection rates in a past week. Given a capricious inlet of a virus’s spread, it seems expected this won’t be a final time Apple and other retailers have to retreat course. 


The following locations will be closed, commencement tomorrow,

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