Published On: Wed, Jun 7th, 2017

After Apple HomePod, Get Ready For Samsung’s Bixby Powered Smart Home Speaker

This week, Apple introduced HomePod intelligent speakers during a WWDC. Now, solely for Samsung, many of the brands have their own intelligent voice-activated home speakers.

Apple’s HomePod uses Siri as a intelligent assistant; Google Home uses Google Assistant for voice commands, while Amazon utilises Alexa partner for Echo speakers. It usually leaves a fast space for Samsung to unleash Bixby-powered intelligent speakers. The association is rumored to be building a home audio device and has allegedly filed a obvious for a design.

Patent for Bixby Speaker

For now, we do not have most information about a arriving device, though Patently Mobile had reported about a obvious purebred by Samsung in March, that is rumoured to be a pattern for intelligent home speakers. In a picture below, we see an purported audio device with a tiny bottom mount joined with a tripod and rectilinear display. The product pattern has an supernatural similarity with Amazon’s Echo Show.

Bixby in a tide form can hoop questions about a sports scores, weather, schedule, film showtimes, and more. Eventually, Samsung is formulation to extend some-more abilities to a practical partner such as rotating or aligning images, personification videos on TV, etc. There are chances that Samsung’s Bixby orator could come with support for media casting inclination like Apple’s AirPlay and Google Cast. It seems trustworthy as Samsung’s Smart View app for iOS and Android already has support for YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, phone media, and others.

At a time of introducing Bixby final year, Samsung highlighted Bixby’s ability to classify information in a singular stream. On a Galaxy S8 and S8+, Bixby Home already displays reminders, amicable updates, and news from media channels like CNN, Flipboard, Facebook Foursquare, Spotify, and Twitter. Samsung is formulation to raise Bixby’s ability by creation it learn users’ slight and habits.

For a intelligent speakers too, Samsung will concede Bixby to do tasks like environment adult reminders, personification music, and more. And if we are not wrong, Samsung competence launch a device with an inbuilt camera like Amazon’s Echo Show.

The news from Korea Herald tips that Samsung competence launch Bixby-powered speakers this fall, alongside a Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. The pricing and accessibility sojourn a mystery, though we could design a pricing to be anywhere around $330, complimenting Amazon’s Echo Show.

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