Published On: Tue, Jun 2nd, 2020

After 10 Years Away, The Original "King Of Kong" Is Making A Comeback

The King Of Kong A Fistful Of QuartersThe King Of Kong A Fistful Of Quarters© New Line Cinema

Steve Wiebe became a star overnight interjection to a documentary film The King of Kong behind in 2007, though for a past decade, he has been calm to step aside and concede other players to take their shot during high-score glory.

However, Wiebe – who is now recognized as a initial chairman to grasp over a million points in a open Donkey Kong diversion – has usually announced that he’s entrance out of retirement to react a rival circuit:

After a 10 year interregnum of chasing universe annals on Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr, it seemed usually wise to get behind into a pitch of things during all of this madness. Thank we to Jace Hall for reaching out and welcoming me behind into a fold. we don’t know what will come of it, though competence as good see what I’ve got left in a tank. I’ll try to get streaming adult and regulating during some point, though for now I’ll usually be recording use runs on Donkey Kong. we wish to get a few games of DK Junior in after I’ve achieved my DK goals. Good fitness to everybody in their video gaming pursuits.

Since starring in a 2007 movie, a Donkey Kong universe record has altered hands mixed times and is now hold by John McCurdy with a 1,259,000 indicate score.

Meanwhile, Wiebe’s co-star in The King of Kong, Billy Mitchell, has remained active though was recently nude of his scores after it was found that some of them were achieved regulating MAME rather than a strange hardware. Mitchell has given pronounced he is holding authorised movement to transparent his name and has settled that he’s aiming to retrieve his prior high measure and “let a diversion die”.

Despite a apparent passion seen on-screen in The King of Kong, Wiebe and Mitchell have always remained on good terms, as evidenced by this rather heartwarming video posted in 2018:

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