Published On: Thu, May 14th, 2020

Adventure Platformer Skully Leaps Towards A Summer Release On Nintendo Switch

Skully for Nintendo Switch and other systems, an adventure-platformer designed to launch this summer.

The diversion sees a suggested Skully streamer out on a query to stop a simmering fight between feuding siblings. A press recover says that, “summoned by a internal deity unfortunate for assent among his kin, Skully can carve new abilities from pools of enchanting clay found via a sensuous island he finds himself cleared adult on”.

You can get your initial ambience of Skully’s gameplay in a new video above. You’ll get to see how his opposite forms can open adult new areas, as good as a game’s lovely-looking scenery. Daniel Posner, CEO of Finish Line Games, has common a following:

“We’re unequivocally vehement to share Skully with a world. We consider a lot of people will bond with a game, and a drastic tour of a clearly insignificant impression unfailing to accomplish good things.”


Skully will launch on Switch on 4th Aug 2020, so we don’t have prolonged to wait to check it out for ourselves.

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