Published On: Thu, Aug 24th, 2017

AccuWeather Releases Updated iOS App in Quick Response to Privacy Concerns – Ditches Reveal Mobile

A ban news progressing this week suggested that a renouned continue app, AccuWeather, was promulgation some plcae information to a third celebration information monetization organisation even after users had categorically infirm plcae services. The app was not usually breaching user remoteness though was also potentially violation some App Store rules. AccuWeather has now expelled a updated AccuWeather app on a iOS store removing Reveal Mobile SDK completely, a association told Wccftech in an email statement.

AccuWeather updates a app, promises “secure user experiences”

Earlier in a week, in response to a findings, AccuWeather had pronounced that it cares about user remoteness though had afterwards combined that a company “plans to use information by Reveal Mobile for assembly segmentation and analysis, to build a larger assembly bargain and emanate some-more contextually applicable and useful practice for users and for advertisers.”

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Other data, such as Wi-Fi network information that is not user information, was for a brief duration accessible on a Reveal SDK, though was new by AccuWeather.

That apparently didn’t lay good with users as many on Twitter common that they were deletion a app. Turns out a association finally listened to what users were seeking for – only stop promulgation a information to third celebration companies and privately so when we have opted out of plcae services.

The association has now expelled a updated app to a App Store and has apparently pronounced goodbye to Reveal Mobile. It has also positive that no user information was accessed or used by AccuWeather and suggests that it has “received assurances from a businessman [Reveal Mobile] that a same is loyal for them.”

Here’s a finish matter that AccuWeather sent to Wccftech:

AccuWeather is dedicated to providing a best continue forecasts accessible with Superior Accuracy in a approach that is seamless and secure. We are gratified to have launched this refurbish to residence issues surrounding a Reveal Mobile SDK, that has now been removed.

accuweather-2Related AccuWeather Releases Updated iOS App in Quick Response to Privacy Concerns – Ditches Reveal Mobile

AccuWeather’s app employed a Software Development Kit (SDK) from a third celebration businessman (Reveal Mobile) that inadvertently authorised Wi-Fi router information to be transmitted to this third-party vendor. Once we became wakeful of this conditions we took evident movement to determine a operation and fast infirm a SDK from a iOS app.

Our subsequent step was to refurbish a iOS app and mislay Reveal Mobile completely. At no time was this information accessed or used by AccuWeather and we have perceived assurances from a businessman that a same is loyal for them. AccuWeather takes a customers’ remoteness severely and is committed to progressing a top turn of correspondence and protection.

AccuWeather continues to refurbish a practices, communications and ULAs to be pure and stream with elaborating standards. AccuWeather also continues to raise methods for doing information and strives to yield superior, seamless, and secure user experiences. We are beholden to have a understanding village that highlights areas where we can optimize and boost transparency.

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