Published On: Wed, Jan 10th, 2018

A debate of Google’s reopened CES booth

For a initial time ever, Google has a large participation during CES. You can’t demeanour out of a window and not see a Google trademark somewhere. But a one thing that didn’t work out so good for a association was a large counter in a parking lot in front of a Las Vegas Convention Center.

Yesterday, it rained a bit some-more than common in Las Vegas and a counter leaked, so Google had to close it down for a day. Today, however, a counter is open again, so we sent Tito to check it out, slip down a Google slide, eat a doughnut and take a nap.

It’s tough to blink how large a understanding CES is for Google this time around. The association announced a series of new partnerships, including a new intelligent displays with a likes of Lenovo, LG, Sony and JBL. It also announced updates to Android Auto and dozens of new Assistant partnerships with headphone and TV manufacturers.


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