Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2019

A Spiritual Successor To 1080° Snowboarding Might Be In The Pipeline

Prototype Screenshot

Back during a Nintendo 64 generation, Nintendo EAD expelled Wave Race 64 and afterwards followed it adult a few years after with a impassioned sports pretension 1080° Snowboarding. A second installment called 1080° Avalanche (developed by NST) was afterwards published for a GameCube in 2003.

Since then, Nintendo’s finished flattering most zero with a authorization solely re-release a strange diversion on a digital services a few times over. So, what’s there to demeanour brazen to? Well, there might be a devout inheritor to this array on a way.

Vitei CEO Giles Goddard recently suggested on Twitter how he’s now prototyping a new snowboarding game. What’s so engaging about this is that he was formerly a categorical programmer and module executive of 1080° Snowboarding and several other Nintendo games including Steel Diver on a 3DS and Tank Troopers on a 3DS eShop.

OK genuine talk.. account us and I’ll module a best goddam snowboarding diversion you’ve ever played. #powder #snowboarding #1080

According to Siliconera, it’s misleading if this snowboarding diversion would reconstruct a classical one-on-one regulation of a strange Nintendo series, though Goddard has pronounced he wants to see a diversion expelled and needs assistance swelling a word so he can find somebody peaceful to account a game.

Would we like a new snowboarding diversion combined by a former 1080° Snowboarding programmer? Tell us down below.

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