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A retiree’s group for cheese toast lovers is an earnest glimpse of Weird Facebook | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2023

A retiree’s organisation for cheese toast lovers is an aspiring glance of Weird Facebook

Scott Kominkiewicz unexpected had a lot of time on his hands. After timid from a career as a copywriter and high propagandize English teacher, a 60-year-old found a new mission: to ideal a best technique for origination cheese toast. Yes, that is simply cheese on toast. 

In January, Kominkiewicz started a tiny Facebook organisation called “Cheese Toast Love,” afterwards combined personal friends and online acquaintances from internal New Jersey food groups. A few days later, Kominkiewicz went to his aged father’s residence to repair his damaged radio remote (“That is like, a top panic level,” he said), and a few hours later, a organisation was flooded with thousands of new members, any posting their possess cheese toasts. Now, it was Kominkiewicz’s spin to panic. What had turn of his high-lactose haven?

“I consider we got a problem,” Kominkiewicz told his daughter, who posted a video of his greeting (he didn’t know he was being recorded). “I consternation if there’s like, a cheese toast bot out there. Is someone perplexing to lift my leg? we mean, how do we go from 250 to 2,000 in a few hours?”

His daughter fessed up. She had posted about his cheese toast organisation in renouned Facebook meme organisation called “Please uncover to Jim ! ! HA ! ! HA ! !.” In a group, that has some-more than 390,000 members, people post screenshots of comparison folks regulating a internet in endearing ways, or misusing amicable media and annoying themselves (i.e. posting queries like “why is my sofa soft” to Facebook’s standing refurbish bar given they suspicion it was Google’s hunt box.)

Image Credits: Scott Kominkiewicz

“He pronounced he saw dual groups for [cheese toast] already, though they had reduction than 70 members a piece,” his daughter wrote. “My dad’s organisation has reached over 100 members and he is unequivocally vehement he now has ‘the largest cheese toast organisation on Facebook.’”


Thanks to his daughter’s post, Kominkiewicz’s organisation “Cheese Toast Love” has grown to some-more than 16,000 members, who #ToastAndPost their cheesy creations from opposite a world. He and his mom have hosted meetups in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, where they have raffled off toaster ovens, emceed trivia contests about a group’s brief story and served adult their possess tradition cheese toast recipes, like a Polish Reuben and Pennsylvania Apple Butter.

“I was consulting with a associate who’s a admin of NJ Food, another vast foodie Facebook organisation I’ve been a member of for over 10 years, and he was giving me tips for perplexing to figure out what a hell’s going on,” Kominkiewicz told TechCrunch over a phone. “He saw that people were from around a world, not usually a U.S., though England, Australia and South Africa, so he posited a speculation that there was a South African luminary who had found my group.”

Now that Kominkiewicz can trust that these 16,000 people unequivocally only wish to speak about cheese toast, he is focused on cultivating a certain community. The primary order of a organisation is to be good — all cheese toasts are value celebrating, either they’re done with Kraft singles, epicurean brie or even vegan cheese on gluten-free bread — though an unofficial, delegate order is that pizza is not cheese toast.

“I adore pizza. I’m carrying pizza for cooking tonight,” Kominkiewicz told TechCrunch. “The reason is not given I’m anti-pizza, it’s given there’s so many places online for pizza and pizza worship. So if we concede that, it would only be overwhelming.”

Kominkiewicz initial encountered a judgment of cheese toast when he was a high propagandize English teacher, and he reserved his beginner category a story “The Birds” by Daphne Du Maurier. In a story, a family lives in a small, strand city that is being tormented with increasingly awful bird attacks — to keep her family calm, a mom cooks some cheese toast to share.

“Trying to be an methodical reader, I’m thinking, a bird attacks would shock a ruin out of me, so this cheese toast contingency be flattering good,” he said.



♬ Sunshine – WIRA

Kominkiewicz believes a good cheese toast starts out with a spread, like butter, mayo or bacon grease. Then, we supplement your cheese and some toppings, like vegetables or meat. He thinks tomatoes are an ideal topping, given a tone unequivocally pops in photographs. But a morality of cheese on bread — no bells and whistles — has been a bonus for some village members, who have found it an easy break to feed their children, or an accessible, inexpensive dish to make when cooking feels exhausting.

A maestro of Facebook’s food organisation scene, Kominkiewicz finds certain communities to be too antacid to enjoy. In stress to a organisation about cheesesteaks, he said, “You can put adult a design of a Virgin Mary and they’ll contend she’s ugly! They are only brutal!” So in his cheese toast group, he wants to keep things as rational as possible.

From ‘Weird Facebook’ to cheese toast

“Cheese Toast Love” is partial of a prolonged origin of “Weird Facebook” groups, that have prolonged reveled in absurdism. Now, users are gravitating toward a ardour of Kominkiewicz’s group.

In a mid-2010s, “Weird Facebook” was a guide of foolish community-building, quite among a subset of left-leaning college students, though a recognition of these groups has died down significantly. At their peak, Weird Facebook groups facilitated a collaborative origination of a low-pitched about Jeb Bush, among other things.

“Weird Facebook was a greeting to how normal a internet was, and Zuckerberg’s thought that Facebook groups were going to be this thing where like, people from your gym are going to get together,” longtime Weird Facebook inhabitant Ryan Cusick told TechCrunch. “Instead, we were regulating them to tab in only a weirdest calamity shit imaginable.”

Cusick was concerned in Jeffbook, a subset of Weird Facebook that respected a hundreds of bizarre groups that a forty-something-year-old male named Jeff Conner created. Cusick says these were mostly tab groups — Facebook groups with absurd names (“sounds feign though ok” was a common one, that has seeped into ubiquitous internet vernacular). The indicate of these groups isn’t indispensably to post in them, though rather, to tab these groups in comments so that we could promulgate specific ideas in blue hyperlink text. So, if someone posted something that felt braggy or exaggerated, we could tab “sounds feign though ok.”

If Weird Facebook was a response to a normalcy of a internet, afterwards a recognition of a organisation like “Cheese Toast Love” is like a pointer that now, a internet competence feel too absurd.

“In a universe where memes and people’s ubiquitous attitudes are removing some-more detached, and surreal, and impersonal, and cold, it’s unequivocally good to have a organisation where it’s only kindness, and warmth, and food,” pronounced Chase Howell, a judge for several groups on Lemgthbook, a subset of Weird Facebook where we are not authorised to use a minute “n” — a fun is that “m” is aloft to “n,” given it is longer (or, “lomger”). “It’s a hairy meme we needed,” Howell told TechCrunch. A few weeks ago, she attended a cheese toast meetup in Philadelphia, where Kominkiewicz gave her a giveaway t-shirt, given she stayed during a meetup a longest out of a few dozen people.

“I was only carrying a unequivocally good time,” Howell said.

Now that Kominkiewicz has inadvertently combined a sincere, cheesy remit from a overly mocking internet, he’s only perplexing to see how distant he can widen a organisation while staying authentic to a rational mission. He is offered sell of Toastie, a mascot of a group, on Etsy. Strangely enough, even cheese toast was impacted by a Silicon Valley Bank crash, given Etsy had to check seller payouts while reckoning out another banking resolution (“Get your tentacles off of my cheese toast!” he pronounced about SVB.)

He is also perplexing to grow a following on TikTok, though he’s not that critical about chasing poke — after all, he’s late with a grant from teaching. He only wants to have fun swelling a cheese toast love, charity a remit from other food groups on Facebook where standards are high, and tragedy is even higher.

“People are murdering themselves with stress perplexing to make a cake!” Kominkiewicz said. “You don’t have that with cheese toast!”

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