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A Rant About Why Twitter’s Past Failures Make It Nearly Unfixable

Watch this video for an ardent demeanour during because Twitter’s expansion problem is so tough to solve. But if we can’t or don’t wish to, here’s a script:

Twitter had a terrible, horrible, no good really bad benefit day, and unfortunately, a usually thing that competence save it is a time machine. The association announced that it saw 0 expansion in a sum user count. Excluding SMS-only users, it indeed declined from 307 million to 305 million users. That’s notwithstanding it rising and shopping costly TV commercials compelling Moments, that was ostensible to give Twitter mainstream appeal.

So because is Twitter carrying such a tough time branch things around? Because it already left a green ambience in millions of mouths.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 during 3.06.23 PM

For years, generally in a 2007 to 2011 era, Twitter did all it could to get people to pointer up. It  invaded SXSW with plasma screens full of tweets. It pushed to get hashtags in TV commercials. and a founders went on speak shows like Oprah.

But Twitter was pouring users into a bucket with a hole in it.

The new user onboarding knowledge was skinny and confusing. It ditched people on scarcely dull Timelines with small suspicion about what or how to twitter or who they should follow. Unlike Facebook where they had a built-in assembly of their genuine friends, many normal people found it tough to benefit adequate supporters to make tweeting seem value it. Celebrities and reporters had no problem building followings, yet normal joes and janes felt like they were tweeting into a black hole.

So they quit. Untold millions sealed up, got frustrated, and left Twitter before they could comprehend a intensity to make them smarter and some-more connected.

Now, it’s not removing a second chance.

Twitter finally revamped a damaged onboarding in 2015

Twitter finally revamped a damaged onboarding in 2015

The expansion problem came to light as Twitter IPO’d in 2013 and Wall Street wanted to know it would get bigger and monetize some-more people.

Unable to boost expansion rates since, Twitter’s share cost is down an nauseous 70 percent given a year ago. In a meantime, Facebook became roughly inescapable, and while not good during real-time content, it’s got good adequate for many people.

Q4 2015 could have spurred a spin around, given Moments launched in October. Yet currently Twitter’s diseased benefit news saw it stranded during 320 million monthly users, a same as 3 months earlier. It even mislaid 1 million users in a US.


Twitter Moments didn’t pierce a needle

This bodes feeble for Twitter’s subsequent vast change that launched this morning — a change to an algorithmically sorted timeline. This puts a many critical tweets given we final non-stop during a top. That should make Twitter some-more interesting for people who usually check it occasionally. The algorithm could also aspect tweets from new users so they feel desired and wish to hang around. And finally, meaningful a algorithm will burble adult anything they missed competence make people some-more inexhaustible about following new users that will supplement some-more tweets to their pell-mell feeds.

But if Moments didn’t make a genuine hole in a expansion problem, a comparatively pointed timeline change competence not either. Twitter also announced it skeleton to repair a @ respond impression count problem. Known as a “Twitter Canoe”, a username of any additional chairman roped into a contention takes adult characters, that are singular to 140, so people have to squeeze their thoughts into fewer and fewer words.

But again, this is not a kind of elemental renovate that would make churned-out users give Twitter another shot.

At this point, Twitter has 3 options.

  1. It usually rides it out, anticipating people will arise adult to a value over time, yet it’s draining talent.
  2. It creates most some-more extreme changes that remonstrate pure or topsy-turvy out users that it’s opposite from a aged Twitter they suspicion they knew.
  3. It accepts that it’s not going to grow insanely large, and instead doubles down on squeezing some-more income out of a constant existent users.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 during 3.07.22 PM

This final one is a usually thing Twitter’s proven to be good at. It managed to boost a normal income per user 35 percent this year. While hard-core Twitterers competence not wish to see some-more assertive ads and some-more of them, it competence be a usually viable track to apropos a essential company.

Effectively, a same Twitter diehards that impugn each tweak and change competence compensate a cost for a app’s expansion problems. If they adore Twitter as most as they say, they’ll put adult with whatever ads it has to uncover them.

Twitter will stay important. Plenty of people like me will adore and use it no matter what. But it’s time to cruise how Twitter could be a tolerable business but achieving ubiquity any time soon.

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