Published On: Sun, Dec 15th, 2019

A New Web-Exclusive Pokémon Anime Series Is Coming Early Next Year

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The Pokémon Company has suggested that we’ll be removing a new ‘capsule’ array early subsequent year, exclusively on a internet.

Pokémon: Twilight Wings takes place in a Galar segment done famous by Pokémon: Sword Shield, and will camber 7 five-minute episodes. The array will “show in fact a dreams of Galar’s residents”, as good as a “challenges they contingency overcome and a conflicts they contingency resolve”. Pokémon creatively detected in a Galar segment are approaching to underline heavily.

Animation duties are being supposing by Studio Colorido, a distinguished group behind a anime film Penguin Highway (trailer shown below). The initial part is approaching to atmosphere on Jan 15th, 2020 and can be seen on a Pokémon YouTube channel.

The array will be destined by Shingo Yamashita, with a book entrance from Sou Kinoshita. Character pattern will be undertaken by Shin Ogasawara.

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