Published On: Fri, Jan 27th, 2017

A Google Maps blunder has incited Bangkok into a enormous park

Here’s a fun story that we wish was true — Google Maps today decided to spin Bangkok, and a vast swathe of a rest of Thailand, into a world’s largest park.

Users of a Google Maps mobile apps and visitors to a website who demeanour adult a Thai collateral will notice that a whole city and many of a surrounding area is lonesome in green. Green means grass, and weed means parks.


The immature is really visible

That’s utterly lovely change for Bangkok, that has been named among a world’s tip 100 many soiled cities, though unfortunately it wasn’t a outcome of some a mass-urban restoration project. Instead, it seems that Google incorrectly redrew a borders of a country’s Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, and forget to tighten it properly, as Khao Sod reports. The outcome is a flattering engaging sight, that also creates it rather formidable to locate a city’s genuine parks given it all usually blends into green.

We’re betting someone is on a case, and that this fumble will be taken caring of soon. If we wish to take a look, now’s a time.

This isn’t a usually occurrence in which one of a world’s largest internet companies has goofed adult in Thailand recently. Just after Christmas, Facebook’s Safety Check use was triggered in a city as a outcome of a feign news story.

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