Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2019

A Full Rundown Of Joker’s Smash Bros. Ultimate Moveset And Final Smash


If we missed a news, Persona 5‘s Joker is creation his approach into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch today. Frankly, we’d be vacant if we have missed a news since we’ve been prattling on about it all day (you can check out some-more Joker calm during a bottom of this article) though now it’s time to unequivocally get stranded into a good stuff. Joker’s moveset.

Joker’s exhibit trailer gave us a initial demeanour during a impression in action, and we’ve been examination it really closely to see accurately how his moves work. So, let’s get started.


Neutral Special (Gun) – For his neutral special, Joker wields a gun. To glow continuously, we can simply press and reason a ‘B’ symbol or regularly daub it, and we can also evasion forwards, backwards, or even in mid-air while shooting.

Up Special (Grappling Hook) – The grappling offshoot shoots out during a somewhat erratic angle and can possibly be used to lift opponents in closer, or to fasten on to a corner of a stage. Like many adult specials, this one will be useful for recovery.

Side Special (Eiha) – Eiha, Joker’s side special, is triggered with a finger snap animation. The initial strike isn’t quite strong, though it inflicts some-more repairs over time.

Down Special (Rebel’s Guard) – Now, this one is quite fancy. Joker has a Rebellion Gauge that builds adult over time, particularly when he gets strike or is behind in terms of repairs or stock. By regulating your down special, we can fill a sign faster, and it can also be used as a defensive tool.

When a sign is full, he’ll expose and serve a phenomenon of his persona, Arsene. Arsene is totally godlike and stays during his side, inflicting additional repairs and even upgrading a other special moves we only mentioned. Which leads us on to…

Specials – When Used With Arsene

So, you’ve only filled your Rebellion Gauge and summoned Arsene. Now what? Well, here’s how your special moves will change:

Your Neutral Special becomes ‘Gun Special‘, radically doing a same as before though with a new ability to glow 3 bullets per shot.

Up Special becomes ‘Wings of Rebellion‘. Using Arsene’s wings, you’ll quickly pierce upwards, creation we godlike as we fly. Again, this can be used for liberation purposes.

Your Side Special becomes ‘Eigaon‘, a vast blast that regularly hits opponents, inflicting them with longer durability damage.

And finally, your Down Special will now perform one of dual counter-attacks, any triggering automatically. Melee attacks will be countered with ‘Tetrakarn’, since projectiles will be deflected with ‘Makarakarn’.

Final Smash

There’s one final thing to mention, of course, that is Joker’s Final Smash.

Called ‘All-Out Attack’, Joker’s Final Smash sees him slicing by foes on a battlefield. Once he’s finished that, he’ll launch a concurrent strike with a Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Interestingly, if we destroy to make hit initially, we can have another pitch during it by sloping your control hang in a conflicting direction, giving we a second possibility to land a final smash.

It’s value observant that carrying Arsene by your side (achieved by stuffing your Rebellion Gauge) will not have any impact on Joker’s Final Smash.

All Out Attack

So, there we have it. We wish we find this useful if we devise to use Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Let us know if you’re vehement to get stranded in or, if you’re reading this in a future, let us know how you’ve been removing on with a impression with a criticism below.

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