Published On: Thu, Nov 28th, 2019

A Cheap Nintendo Switch Lite Charging Station Is Releasing Tomorrow


Gaming appendage builder Venom is set to recover a code new (and really affordable) charging hire for a Nintendo Switch Lite tomorrow.

Perhaps one of a many elementary third-party wharf designs we’ve seen, Venom’s new product has a USB-C horse that connects to a bottom of your console and small else to get in a way. Thanks to this, it should also double adult as a decent approach to arrangement your console if we wish to uncover it off or put it with your other gaming goodies during home.

As we competence expect, a hire is accessible in a 3 launch colours of a Switch Lite – Turquoise, Yellow, and Grey. Each can be pre-ordered as we pronounce for only £7.99 – you’ll find a links we need below.

  • Venom Switch Lite Charging Stand – Turquoise
  • Venom Switch Lite Charging Stand – Yellow
  • Venom Switch Lite Charging Stand – Grey
Venom Nintendo Switch Lite Charging Stand

A useful small horse for your needs? Or would we cite to only use a customary block enclosed in a box? Let us know with a criticism below.

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