Published On: Fri, Jan 19th, 2018

A bug is messing adult a keyboard for some Messenger users on iPhones (Update: Now fixed)

If you’re carrying issues with Facebook Messenger on your iPhone right now, you’re not alone.

An irritating bug is inspiring typing inside a app. Some users on iOS inclination are anticipating that a app is frozen after they form a integrate of difference in a discuss bubble, though other apps are operative fine. The glitch apparently creates carrying conversations by Messenger some-more than a tiny difficult.

Update: The bug got squashed, here’s what Facebook said.

On Jan 17th, we schooled that a really tiny series of people who were regulating Messenger on iOS had some difficulty in typing messages. We investigated and a problem is resolved. We are contemptible for any inconvenience.

TechCrunch’s possess Josh Constine was strike by a problem and he found that shutting and reopening a app didn’t repair it. Likewise, other users attempted deletion and reinstalling Messenger though all to no avail, a bug persisted.

Facebook reliable to TechCrunch that it is looking into a issue, though for now there’s no word from a association on what is causing it and how it skeleton to repair it.

Messenger is one of a world’s many renouned apps with over a billion active users. The emanate isn’t inspiring everyone, though adequate of them to make a problem manifest on Twitter, where some went to opening their frustration.

Messenger depends over one billion users interjection to some considerable growth, though it is formulation some changes this year. David Marcus, who heads adult a service, pronounced this week that it has turn too magisterial and he skeleton to put his group to work on decluttering a use to facilitate a knowledge for users.

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