Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2019

A Brand New Story Of Seasons Game Is Currently In Development, Says Marvelous

@Lizuka we determine with we here. In my eyes, a “Harvest Moon” array appearance with HM64 and a surrounding games like Back to Nature, Friends of Mineral Town, etc. As a array went on, they kept introducing new elements to try and make a diversion fresh, though in my opinion it took divided from a strange prophesy and elementary attract of a progressing games. Unfortunately, we don’t consider they’ll go behind since people who wish those practice could only find a approach to replay them. we recently dusted off a aged Wii U to play HM64 on a practical console. Even with all of a tiny warts, that diversion is still a apex of a array for me, personally. What we wouldn’t give for a reconstitute in that new art character they’re regulating for Link’s Awakening…I consider that would fit perfectly. As prolonged as Natsume didn’t rise it since they would substantially totally hurt it.

Alright, finish of my old-man rant. Get off my grass and such.

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