Published On: Mon, Apr 9th, 2018

’90s kids rejoice! Microsoft releases a strange Windows 3.0 File Manager source code

Microsoft has expelled a source formula for a original, 1990s-era File Manager that is so informed to all of us who were boring and dropping on Windows 3.0. The code, that is accessible on Github underneath a MIT OSS license, will accumulate underneath Windows 10.

File Manager uses a multiple-document interface or MDI to arrangement mixed folders inside one window. This interface style, that altered drastically with after versions of Windows, was a customary for roughly a decade of Windows releases.

These small gifts to a open source village are really fun though not everybody is happy. One Hacker News reader remarkable that “Most of a MSFT open source things is possibly rabble or totally unmaintained. Only a integrate of high form projects are confirmed and they jam opt-out telemetry in if we like it or not (despite hundreds of comments requesting them to go away). Even Scott Hanselman removing concerned in one of the tickets got it nowhere. Same clever defending and negligence for customers.”

Ultimately these “gifts” to users are really a lot of fun and a good instance of nostalgia-ware. Let me know how yours compiles by Tweeting me during @johnbiggs. I’d adore to see it using again.

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