Published On: Mon, Nov 25th, 2019

8BitDo’s Zero 2 Is A Switch Controller That’s Small Enough To Fit On Your Keychain

@Trajan we cite strange hardware for everything. we indeed have a mutated strange far-reaching GBA with a backlit shade that runs on AA batteries that we use regularly. we adore it. I’ve got a whole diversion room with a wiiU, GC, n64, snes, nes, genesis, dreamcast, and ps3(which can play ps1), 3ds(also does ds), GBA(all gameboy) and a gamegear. The comparison systems are mutated for RGB outlay and bending adult to a CRT monitor. we adore it.

I even behind many of a kickstarters that guarantee a genuine transport for a systems. Just got Tobu Tobu lady delux recently on a GBC transport and it looks good on that gba mentioned above.

I’m indeed large into retro on strange hardware, yet that’s unequivocally usually a console I’m not above modifications or regulating things like 8bitdo controllers for input. My nes, snes, and birth all use some form of an 8bitdo controller(the nes is a tradition embellished controller with a 8bitdo mod pack so they’re half strange half modern). So that’s where I’m during with all this stuff.

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