Published On: Thu, Mar 5th, 2020

80’s Overdrive Is Speeding Onto Switch, If This Cheeky Tease Is To Be Believed

Ah, forgot all about this one, and when it was initial mentioned on a 3DS, we indeed unequivocally favourite it. In my opinion, this is a distant truer reverence to exemplary racers like Top Gear, Lotus Turbo Challenge and Lamborghini American Challenge than Horizon Chase Turbo.

I unequivocally like that diversion as well, and we do already possess it, though it’s some-more of a re-imagining than anything else, since this diversion here stays loyal to a retro/16 bit demeanour by adhering to pixel graphics, that distant as I’m concerned, is preferable, as a fan of a strange games we only mentioned.

So, behind onto a radar it goes, and here’s anticipating it arrives soon. And maybe I’ll even double-dip if it’s still accessible on a 3DS…

Here’s a trailer from a 3DS version, for those who are extraordinary or not nonetheless informed with this cold racing game:

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