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8 Essential Tips for New Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Players

Final Fantasy fans around a universe are now jubilant a lapse of a lustful favorite of theirs, Final Fantasy XII, creation a current-gen entrance in a new remaster, The Zodiac Age. There are some new facilities to excavate into here, yet anyone who hasn’t nonetheless been enthralled in XII’s chronicle of Ivalice competence find themselves a bit puzzled.

Fear not, Final Fantasy first-timers, for we have all a recommendation we need to get started with Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – usually take a crop below, and you’ll turn one of Ivalice’s champions before we know it.

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Combat Basics

Final Fantasy XII uses a fight complement that will demeanour unknown to any newcomers, for nonetheless JRPG fans will have seen identical systems in other games, Final Fantasy XII’s conflict complement is a possess singular beast.

What we need to keep in mind is that any movement any celebration member performs can be usually be acted on once an Action Bar has filled – this fundamentally acts as a cooldown between any move, and gives battles a real-time sensation, even if they play out likewise to turn-based affairs.

Keep an eye on a Action Bar if we need a celebration member to now perform an movement – such as regulating an object or recovering – for some celebration members competence be some-more behind than others. To take a larger grade of control over how battles play out, we suggest messing with a Battle Speed in a Config menu. You can change this during flattering many any point, creation a Action Bar for both your possess celebration and a enemies fill possibly some-more fast or solemnly – speed is good for traffic with diseased enemies while holding it delayed will assistance devise actions opposite fearsome foes.

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Party Composition

You can collect classes for any of your characters in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – and those decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. Any RPG actor will know that going all-in with sword-wielding m�lange characters is a bad idea, yet given we will usually have 3 characters in your celebration during one time (unless we have a guest) it’s good to be well-prepared.

Enemies such as Flan will have high defense, and for such instances, a Black Mage will be rarely recommended. In general, your celebration should have one White Mage for heals too – other than that though, it’s best to usually be balanced. Most m�lange classes act similarly, and it’s correct to collect classes that will also be means to use White or Black sorcery in further to other abilities, yet there’s no hard-and-fast order – usually make certain during slightest one impression will be means to tank copiousness of damage.


Unless we wish to collect any conflict for your celebration members away – a perfected charge – you’ll wish to get to grips with Gambits as early as possible. Essentially, Gambits are manners your module into any impression to establish how they act in battle.

It’s all good putting a White Mage on your team, yet if they don’t know how to heal, they’re useless. With Gambits, we can set a order such as regulating Cure on a celebration member once they have reduction than 50% HP. The Gambit complement gets surprisingly detailed, and we can evidence adult a far-reaching operation of actions with varying degrees of priority. Set archers or mages to take down drifting enemies, set a tank to immediately go for strongest enemies, set others to conflict foes with a slightest volume of health, etc.

And celebration members will hang good to a Gambits we set, never deviate from what we have set out for them – this is mostly good, yet competence punch we in a behind if we aren’t prepared for certain situations.

License Board

Your License Board will be where we get new skills and abilities – and you’ll need to use it for fundamentally everything. Higher-grade weaponry requires licenses to be purchased before we can use it, and new Magic, Armor, Accessories all need Licenses compulsory in advance.

In further to all of these necessities, we will also find Quickenings on a License Board – special moves and abilities your celebration members can use, like Ultimate Attacks. You can clear a permit house one square during a time, solemnly relocating by a grid and unlocking all – what’s good though, is that we can float over and perspective that abilities are where on a house in advance, so we can devise out what to unlock.

Best recommendation is not to rubbish License Points on abilities we won’t use – MP recovery, for example, is a bit invalid for a impression that never uses MP.

Cash Merchants

When we initial revisit a Merchant, you’ll substantially be taken aback by how many they’re offered that we won’t be means to use – don’t fret, that’s all tied to a Licenses compulsory to use Weapons, Armor, and Accessories – see a above tip for some-more on that. But what you’ll need many in cold-hard cash.

The best ways to get some-more income is to sell your aged rigging (obviously), removing income out of value chests in a wild, or offered your Loot. You might’ve missed your Loot menu when offered your aged pack –  Final Fantasy XII doesn’t give we many income for winning battles and gives out Loot instead. The Loot is all a equipment that we will collect adult from enemies in a overworld, and it’s roughly always a good thought to sell a lot. Just hillside in a cash, and re-invest that in some-more weaponry.

Easy Grinding

Every RPG players’ misfortune fear – grinding. It unequivocally is a misfortune activity, yet luckily in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, it is indeed some-more candid than ever – we usually need to mix a few of a tips we gave we above.

Set your Gambits adult to finish battles fast while gripping your group healed, set Battle Speed to a max, and set Speed Mode to x4 – we usually combined a ultimate harsh strategy. With Gambits set adult for your whole team, all your need to do is travel out into a forest and travel true into groups of enemies – with Gambit scrupulously set, your whole group will open to life and close down any enemies, rewarding we with Experience and Loot but any hassle.

This process fast turns what would’ve been a full hour of harsh in a PS2 strange into usually 15 mins in a complicated day – a many improved result, and good for when one or dual of your celebration members competence be looking a small under-leveled.

Trial Mode Rewards

One new further to The Zodiac Age that players shouldn’t skip out on is Trial Mode since there’s some-more here than usually a new plea for veterans.

Trial Mode, in fact, will prerogative players with items, experience, and even permit points to take over to their categorical diversion – if you’re ever struggling a bit with a story mission, it competence be a good thought to conduct out into Trial Mode, see what swell we can make, and afterwards burst behind into it with some new knowledge and items.

You are Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg of Dalmasca

When we get that query to run about Bhujerba cheering during citizens, it’s a good thought to scream it during a City Parijanahs. There’s several of them about a city, and will fill your “Renown” scale by some-more than 20% any – many some-more than a 0%-4% you’ll get from typical citizens. Just make certain not to scream it during city guards, they’ll take your Renown down…

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