Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2017

4 Wonderful Paid iOS Apps Available for Free Today – Download Them All

Alright, so we are behind from a paid iOS apps left giveaway hunt, and managed to find 4 shining titles estimable of downloading.

Download These 4 iOS Apps for Free Today Save Big

The weekend is a integrate of days away, therefore we motionless to unleash a apps left giveaway list a small earlier, again. This time, we have 4 smashing paid iOS apps that we can download for free, and all of them are estimable of a place on your home screen.

Let’s burst true into a list.

WaterMinder – Regular cost $2.99

Get assistance with WaterMinder®, an easy, discerning app to lane your H2O intake. Based on your physique weight (or your personal goal), WaterMinder® will remind we to splash H2O to strech your daily goals. By saying stream H2O fill visually and in percents we will now know how good we are hydrated!

Download WaterMinder for iOS

A Day In The Woods – Regular cost $1.99

Sneak past a large bad wolf, equivocate large spiders and confuse bears to solve any spin and get Little Red Riding Hood safely to Granny’s house.

In A Day in a Woods – a stylish re-imagining of a normal shifting nonplus diversion – we plays as Little Red Riding Hood’s wispy swift goddess friend. By relocating tiles around any board, you’ll assistance Little Miss Red equivocate frightful woodland creatures while collecting flowers and berries along a way. There’ll be some friends to assistance we too, including bunny rabbits, beehives and a internal woodcutter.

Download A Day In The Woods for iOS

Space Trek – Regular cost $2.99

As Captain Jay, we take control of a Space Jet deployed on an visitor world. The Planet you’re on is inhabited by Knagar, a competition of big, green, self critical bullies. You contingency quarrel your approach thru, outmanoeuvre them and save a survivors. Fortunately Jay is always there to chuck a good punchline when things get ugly.

Download Space Trek for iOS

Deep Town: The Twin Candles – Regular cost $4.99 $6.99

Plunge into a head-spinning journey full of intolerable discoveries!
It’s a spin of a century – a time of good advances and splendid hopes. After a difficult talk routine and promises of a shining salary, a immature operative is invited to work in Deeptown, located on a sea floor some 2,000 yards deep. Anticipating a good opportunity, he arrives to find usually a small girl, who tells him there’s a vampire stealing in a now-abandoned town!
It’s not prolonged before his new familiarity – or her twin sister? – bites him and he becomes a vampire too. As it turns out, he was hired usually for his generally tasty blood type. Join his query to be “healed” from vampirism, try a overwhelming underwater city, solve brain-teasing puzzles, accommodate a oldest vampire on Earth and, many importantly, find a approach behind to a genuine world!

Download Deep Town: The Twin Candles for iPhone / iPad

Wrap Up

We wish we suffer today’s list as most as we did. Be certain to stay on a surveillance for a subsequent list of apps left free.

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