Published On: Tue, Mar 3rd, 2020

4-Player Beat ‘Em Up Jitsu Squad Lands On Kickstarter With One Eye On Switch

Fans of old-school arcade-y kick ’em ups in a capillary of Final Fight and Streets of Rage take note: there’s a new diversion that’s only strike Kickstarter and it could be right adult your alley. Jitsu Squad is a colourful, commune soldier for adult to 4 players and a Nintendo Switch chronicle sits during a start of a widen idea list.

With a Kickstarter debate that looks to daub into a nostalgia of a classical side-scrolling kick ’em ups and self-described as a “hardcore diversion done for gamers, by gamers”, Jitsu Squad has a rather in-depth story to go along with a confidant art style. Did we ever play those street-brawling classics for a tales they told, though? Long story short, 4 warriors have brought behind to life in a form of ass-kicking animals and contingency conflict opposite immorality to find a tip stone.

Coming from developer Tankuki Creative Studio, a diversion has been several years in a creation as evidenced by a cursory corkscrew by a dev’s Facebook page. It facilities a low complement of commands, combos and counters though with permitted fight that should be informed to anyone who’s ever enjoyed a belt-scrolling kick ’em adult before. As good as Final Fight and Streets of Rage, a press recover also name drops Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Marvel vs Capcom II and Super Smash Bros., too. Quite a list!

There’s most some-more information accessible on a game’s Kickstarter page. With 29 some-more days to go during a time of writing, Tanuki Creative is looking to lift €50,000, with a Switch chronicle entrance if a diversion hits a €80,000 widen goal. The diversion is already utterly a approach by development, and a debate is designed to “make a star of Jitsu Squad as large as possible”.

With a due execution date of Mar 2022 for a digital chronicle (according to a Kickstarter page, it seems that Jitsu Squad won’t be violence Streets of Rage 4 to a punch, though presentation-wise this is looking earnest and there’s copiousness of room for charming commune practice on Switch. The PR novel prices a diversion digital chronicle of a diversion during $19.99.

Let us know next if you’ll be throwing down some cold, tough money to enroll Jitsu Squad.

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