Published On: Thu, May 7th, 2020

3DS Sales See 73% Year-On-Year Decline, No Future Sales Forecast Provided


As Nintendo’s concentration moves increasingly towards a Switch, it’s maybe approaching that sales for a Nintendo 3DS family of systems are starting to see crook declines.

Over a final financial year (so that’s Apr 2019 – Mar 2020), Nintendo 3DS generated 0.69 million hardware sales, a 73% year-on-year dump from final year’s 2.55 million total. It’s a identical story for 3DS software, with usually 4.99 million units being shifted compared to final year’s sum of 13.22 million (a year-on-year dump of 62.3%).

Interestingly, in a mercantile year gain report, Nintendo hasn’t supposing any destiny sales foresee for a system, nor a software. This is a initial time that Nintendo has unsuccessful to offer adult a foresee for a 3DS given it launched, suggesting that a courtesy is now good and truly elsewhere. Indeed, there are no arriving releases for 3DS and a console is really frequency mentioned in selling campaigns these days.

Naturally, Nintendo has supposing a sales foresee for a Switch family of systems, presaging that it’ll change 19 million units over a subsequent financial year.

Do we still frequently play on your 3DS? Are we unhappy that a time has come, or are we happy adequate personification with a Switch alone? Tell us below.

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