Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

3 perspectives on a destiny of SF and NYC as startup hubs

It has been an impossibly tough duration for everybody a past few months as a tellurian COVID-19 pestilence has wiped out whole industries from a mercantile map.

While tech has been among a many volatile industries in a face of this cataclysm, a impassioned mobility of a industry’s workforce begs vast questions about what a destiny of startups and work will demeanour like relocating forward.

We’ve debated what COVID-19 will do to a arise of a college city as startup hubs and how a pestilence will change a approach we work in coffee shops and neighborhoods. Now, we wish to residence one of a incomparable questions that has been bugging us: Will tech continue to centralize in hubs like San Francisco and New York City, or will remote work and all a other second-order effects lead to a some-more decentralized startup ecosystem?

3 views on a life and genocide of college towns, remote work and a destiny of startup hubs

We have 3 perspectives from a writers, with extravagantly opposite predictions about what a destiny has in store.

First, we have Danny Crichton, who believes that tech, and quite a VC industry, will sojourn as strong as ever, nonetheless where it is strong will maybe change a bit. Meanwhile, Alex Wilhelm asserts that startup expansion outward vital hubs will indeed accelerate, swelling tech resources even over outward a metropolises. Finally, Natasha Mascarenhas argues that a multiple of a mercantile dislocation of COVID-19 and a augmenting courtesy to equity in tech will lead to some-more heated investment outward core startup hubs.

Danny Crichton: A new Napa Valley café shows because in-person networks matter

First there was Sand Hill Road. Then there was South Park. And now there’s Solbar during Solage in Calistoga.

Despite a far-reaching accessibility of remote work collection over a past dual decades, VCs have always miraculously congregated in unusually parsimonious quarters. VCs weren’t captivated to Sand Hill’s low-slung bureau buildings for a architecture, that were and are a apprehension to eyes with a ambience for anything some-more worldly than “here be 4 walls and a roof.” VCs didn’t conduct to South Park to suffer what Google Maps calls a “tree-lined oval garden” nestled between light industrial buildings. And they aren’t streamer to Solbar in Napa Valley for Californian cuisine and a dining room conveniently sealed on Partner Mondays.

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