Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

3 new $100M ARR bar members and a call for a subsequent era of growth-stage startups

Time flies.

It was scarcely a year ago that The Exchange started gripping tabs on startups that managed to strech $100 million in annual repeated revenue, or ARR. Our idea was to establish that unicorns were some-more than paper horses so we could keep tabs on arriving IPO targets.

We found that, Asana, WalkMe and Druva were impressively vast and flourishing nicely. Since afterwards dual of a 4 companies from that post have left public.

GitLab, Egnyte, Braze and O’Reilly Media assimilated a bar before 2019 was even closed, with dual of those companies holding partial in a new Disrupt conference, articulate about how they managed their chronological growth.

In early 2020 we combined Sisense, Siteminder, and Lemonade to a club, wrote about ExtraHop’s trail to $100 million ARR, Cloudinary’s epic expansion sans outmost capital, Siteminder’s possess records and BounceX reaching $100 million ARR while it rebranded to Wunderkind.

As a year rolled along, MetroMile, Tricentis, Kaltura and Diligent assimilated a club. As did Recorded Future, ON24 and ActiveCampaign. There were even some-more names: Movable Ink, Noom, Riskified, Seismic, ThoughtSpot, along with Snow Software, A Cloud Guru, Zeta Global and Upgrade.

Today we have 3 some-more names to supplement to a group: UserTesting, Udemy’s business arm and Expensify. But, some-more than merely adding those companies to a brew — some-more after a burst — we wanted to shake adult a radar a bit as we conduct into 2021.

Yes, The Exchange will keep tabs on startups and other private companies that strech $100 million in ARR, or annual run rate, as a box competence be. But subsequent year we also wish to find a startups around $50 million ARR that are flourishing like hell. We wish to go a year or dual progressing in expansion histories to improved watch how startups scale into nine-figure revenues, instead of conference about it after a fact.

So, if we are a startup that is expanding aggressively and will strech a $50 million income symbol inside a subsequent entertain or two, greatfully contend hello. we think a good cut of a tellurian unicorn marketplace could fit this bill, and therefore competence yield a window into that rarely valued startups are flourishing into their valuations.

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It’s going to be fun. Now, let’s fast discuss about a latest members of a $100 million ARR club.

UserTesting, Expensify and Udemy’s business arm

You’ve listened of any of a $100 million ARR companies this morning, so there’s reduction need for preface and introduction. Here’s a group:


Expensify is an expense-tracking association obvious around a record world, so it’s no genuine warn that it has reached a $100 million ARR threshold, a attainment it announced yesterday.

But a association did us one improved than merely dropping a singular information indicate and racing behind into a shadows. Instead, Expensify also disclosed that it has “maintained profitability for years [and] available the top monthly income ever in October.”

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