Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2020

2120 MARS: Project Colonies Is A New 2.5D Side-Scroller Inspired By Super Metroid

2120 MARS: Project Colonies, a 2.5D side-scrolling action-adventure diversion desirous by a likes of Super Metroid, Castlevania: Symphony of a Night, and Guacamelee!.

In a game, players take on a purpose of Lt. Anna “Charlotte” Right, a member of an extended chosen organisation of Space Marines who’s been sent on a goal to a initial Human Colony on Mars. She’s there interjection to a trouble vigilance that was perceived on Earth and contingency used her extended abilities to span a large, companion universe while fighting enemies and bosses alike.

We have a story summary for we next – it all sounds rather intriguing:

In a 22nd Century, humankind has grown a record that done manned missions to other planets a reality. Following these developments, a UN led a provide sealed by governments all over a creation to start investments on building Colonies on a nearest planets as means of addressing a issues with overpopulation and miss of healthy resources on Earth.

The provide was a success and a program, codenamed Project: Colonies, constructed inhabited colonies in several planets, a initial of that Project: Mars, followed by Project: Venus and Project: Jupiter.

After going nonchalant for several weeks, a First Colony, in Mars, sends a trouble vigilance to a UN on Earth which, in response, sends a organisation of Enhanced Elite Space Marines, led by Lt. Anna “Charlotte” Right, to brand a source of a vigilance and find out what happened to a Colony.

Upon skirmish on Mars their Spaceship is shot down, withdrawal only a bleeding Col. Right to try a Colony in office of a law of what lies behind all these incidents.

Other than a teaser trailer common above, serve sum are still rather sparse. We do know that it’s approaching to launch on Switch after this year, however, and that gameplay sum are approaching to be expelled “soon”.

Are we fondness a sound of this? Will we be gripping an eye out for some-more as we get closer to release? Share your early thoughts with us below.

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