Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2019

2017 Game Boy Platformer Tobu Tobu Girl Is Aiming For A Deluxe Game Boy Color Re-Release

The Game Boy is fast coming a 30th anniversary – something we’re celebrating right now by entertainment your votes for a best Game Boy games – though that doesn’t meant that we can’t still get new games for a system.

Back in 2017, we common a news of a code new Game Boy recover called Tobu Tobu Girl, an arcade-style platformer that perceived a very singular run of earthy Game Boy cartridges (it was also offering online for giveaway around emulation). Now, a strange group is behind in partnership with First Press Games with a aim of treating a diversion to a incomparable earthy run – as good as giving it a Deluxe makeover.

This new recover is anticipating to follow in a footsteps of a likes of Zelda: Link‘s Awakening DX, radically being an extended re-release with additional facilities and graphics optimised for a Game Boy Color, while still being entirely backwards-compatible to a black and white classical system.


The earthy recover is already in a works – we’re told it will have “manual imitation work, singular cartridge mouldings and high-quality circuit play for a diversion itself, along with a dedicated package and primer design” – though a group is anticipating to lift supports by Kickstarter to see it all happen. You can check out a crowdfunding debate here if you’re meddlesome in training some-more or pledging your support – it has 22 days to lift another €20,000 during a time of writing.

Make certain to check it out if you’re intrigued and let us know your thoughts in a comments below.

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