Published On: Fri, Jun 16th, 2017

14 extravagantly prohibited takes we need on this Whole Foods + Amazon thing

Amazon usually bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion — that is a outrageous deal! This is one of a biggest deals of a year and is a large pierce for Amazon into grocery, a mark where it’s traditionally been extremely bad.

It also means that Amazon is going to be a outrageous aspirant with other retailers, starting a foodpocalpyse and promulgation other grocery bonds crashing. It’s substantially a biggest story in a past month, if not a whole year. That means that it’s going to be picked detached in each singular approach and analyzed forever — including by us over during TechCrunch.

But there’s usually so most we can do right this moment. Let a takes flow, we say. Here are a few freebies:

Amazon’s Secret Weapon: Whole Foods’ Fridges

What Does The Amazon / Whole Foods Deal Mean For Instacart’s IPO?

Jeff Bezos Was in Whole Foods to Buy ____, Then Decided to Buy a Whole Chain

How Amazon Buying Whole Foods Will Make Seattle Cool Again

Jeff Bezos Is The New Warren Buffett

How Amazon Buying Whole Foods Signals a Future of Drone Shopping

This one:

Walmart Should Buy Safeway, Costco or (insert additional tradesman here) to Defend Against Whole Foods

How Are Millennials To Blame For The Amazon/Whole Foods Deal?

Amazon Buying Whole Foods for $13.7B Just Proves Everything is About Big Data

Why Walmart Buying Bonobos for $310M Is a Way Bigger Deal than a $13.7B Whole Foods / Amazon Deal

Amazon Just Spent $32M for Each Whole Foods Store

Facebook Should Be Terrified of Amazon Buying Whole Foods

Amazon Buying Whole Foods Could Be a Huge Win for IBM Watson

Good luck!

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