Published On: Thu, Dec 5th, 2019

11,000 People Ask Spotify To Support Nintendo Switch, The Response Is Underwhelming

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If you’ve been anticipating for a Spotify app to one day seem on your Nintendo Switch, we might good be watchful for a very prolonged time.

On Spotify’s Community portal, a user going by a name Erboda sent in a ask to get a song streaming app using on Nintendo’s latest console. The criticism was done behind in 2017, usually a month after a Switch initial launched, and has given perceived 11,000 votes from other users also wishing to demonstrate their support for a request.

Finally, after all this time, Spotify staff have responded to a renouned suggestion. As is mostly a box in situations like these, a response refuses to dedicate to possibly a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer:

“Hey folks, Spotify staff here.

We’re always operative on improving a Spotify knowledge opposite platforms, though we don’t have any serve information to share during a moment.
It should also be remarkable that we typically don’t announce integrations with third parties in advance.

Thanks for stability to share your ideas.”

For a many part, Nintendo has designed a Switch to be a games-only console. While a PS4 and Xbox One can run a large series of apps including Twitch, Amazon Prime Video and a accumulation of TV services, a Switch usually has YouTube and Hulu. As such, we’d design a direct for a Switch Spotify app would have to be impossibly high before Nintendo opens adult to a idea.

Still, that final ‘third party’ judgment does give us a small bit of wish for a partnership in a future. It seems that if Spotify ever does come to a console, it would get a surprise-launch but any notice entrance a approach beforehand.

Would we like to have Spotify on Switch? Let us know in a comments.

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