Published On: Tue, Feb 28th, 2017

1,000 Apple Engineers Are Working on AR – Could Debut with iPhone 8

A new investigate note suggests that Apple is holding protracted existence (AR) flattering severely as a association has 1,000 engineers operative on a tech.

Augmented Reality Could Debut with a iPhone 8, But How Will it Work?

Apple is not bashful to acknowledge that AR is a subsequent large thing. In fact, Tim Cook went on record to state that a tech could be as large as a iPhone itself. And to serve supplement fuel to an already blazing glow that Apple is really most meddlesome in this field, a investigate note from UBS confirms that notion. According to it, Apple has 1,000 engineers operative on AR and a initial traces could entrance with this year’s staggering smartphone, a iPhone 8. The engineers are believed to be operative on a tech in Israel, according to BusinessInsider, who explain to have seen a investigate note.

In a investigate note seen by Business Insider, Milunovich writes that Apple CEO Tim Cook has regularly “broken a overpower on destiny products with regards to AR,” citing countless comments he has done about AR as justification that a association is posterior it as a subsequent large thing.

The reason why Apple went forward with AR instead of VR is engaging as well. In VR, a chairman is totally removed from a outward universe in sequence to knowledge something. Whereas in AR, people bond with any other but any arrange of bounds in between. Basically, Apple wants to broach a some-more open knowledge rather than something that blocks out a outward world.

Milunovich records that Apple appears some-more meddlesome in AR rather than practical existence (VR), since a former connects people since a latter is mostly an isolating knowledge involving a headset that renders a user blind to a genuine world.

How Apple aims to lift off a AR associated tricks is positively different during this point. But there have been reports that a iPhone 8 will come packaged with a abyss intuiting camera, that competence finish adult being used as a pivotal motorist in Apple’s endeavors into a protracted existence space. But of course, that stays to be seen.

We will keep the readers updated if there’s some-more news from this front.

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